Reasons to stay in a Kominka

Whether it’s looking down at the rice fields or gazing out into the ocean, all kominkas provide you with the serenity you need to empty your mind and rest your bones.
Staying in a traditional Japanese kominka is a rich cultural experience in itself. The homes are designed to make you feel both at home, yet completely transported. The homely but modern twists these homes have acquired make you feel somewhat disconnected and one with nature.
Enjoy the inclusion of modern conveniences inside of a century old traditional Japanese home. Some of the features include air conditioning and floor heating system, inclusive home appliances and eco-friendly botanical toiletries. Hence, the modern features added alongside the old-fashioned structure of the houses gives you a unique impression which you will never gain from any other buildings.
Although most kominkas now provide Wi-Fi, it is worth putting your devices away to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the home. During the day, take the time to immerse yourself in living like the locals. Discover the local shops and shrines that captivate Japan’s inclusive and rich history. During your stay, it is assured that you will enjoy the beauty and quiet of experiencing this way of life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
So, why not indulge to the fullest in this cultural experience and take the time to be disconnected for a couple of days?